What We Do

Commercial Real Estate Consulting / Advisory Services

Production & Credit Review

  • Credit Reviews
    Independent individual and portfolio reviews employing a comprehensive rating system enabling objective lender loan assessments.
  • Credit Advice
    Development of new commercial construction and term loan strategies. This includes advice on loan types, new product offerings, markets to exploit, pricing strategies, and new business volume targets. This can be combined with the preparation of market outlook reports on the local commercial real estate lending environment.
  • Underwriting
    Complete loan assessment and recommendation services for real estate secured credit applications.
    Preparation of loan approval reports including employing industry best practises with respect to property and borrower underwriting.  This includes a comprehensive profile of the securing property, borrower profile and assessment, property income & sensitivity analysis and a full market & competitive analysis.

    • Third party report reviews (Appraisal, Environmental Site Assessments, Building Condition reporting, etc.).
    • Lease / purchase & sale reviews.
    • Confirmation of equity / net worth of borrower and/or covenantor.

    Robust underwriting of larger / complex / syndicated commercial real estate loans, including optimized loan structure recommendations.

  • Documentation
    Development of new, or application of standard template approval documentation enabling ease of credit application screening and consideration. Industry best practises will be employed to facilitate credit review, analysis, and recommendations.
    Preparation of market outlook reports on the commercial real estate lending environment highlighting market trends, risks to avoid, and potential new business opportunities to exploit.
  • SWOT Analysis
    Strategic recommendations provided on how to grow your commercial real estate lending book.
Credit Review

Credit Granting

Credit Granting
  • To maximize efficiencies and resource allocation, review and if necessary, modify credit granting processes and procedures.
  • Outline associated personnel / staff roles and responsibilities.
  • Provide staff support and training as required.

Loan Support

  • Annual Loan Reviews and Property Inspections
    Inspection of mortgaged properties to assess physical condition, occupancy levels, positive and negative influences, competition, and future outlook.
  • Loan Amendments
    Consider and make recommendations for loan assumptions, loan increases, and existing credit amendments.
  • Loan Renewals
    Specific recommendations to credit department including optimal loan renewal structures and amendments to initial approval conditions.
  • Problem Loans
    Provide specific problem loan recommendations, together with the development of a problem loans protocol and associated procedures.
Loan Support

Portfolio Advice/Management

ACRE delivers timely advice to enable you to safeguard capital while delivering consistent and appropriate risk weighted returns to investors or members, by providing:

Investment Portfolio Advice
  • Advice on the appropriateness of introducing or increasing commercial mortgage financing to your business plan, including risk diversification protocols.
  • Commercial credit process / loan servicing improvement recommendations, including identifying various underwriting tasks and functional responsibilities related thereto.
  • Recommendations on credit loan approval policies and procedures / operating guidelines.
  • Loan syndication advice.
  • Loan / portfolio purchase advice.
  • Loan / portfolio divestiture advice.
  • Portfolio audits and analytics to assist senior management in key monitoring and decision making activities (i.e. cash flow models, industry / borrower / geographic concentration).

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